Paul J. Linton
served as the Navigation Officer aboard the USS Harry Lee during the 7 major battles of the Pacific as a Lt(SG) then. At some point, it is believed that he became the Executive Officer and was aboard when she sailed into Tokyo Bay.

Paul passed away in 1986.  He had retired from a long career as a supertanker skipper for Atlantic Refining Company out of Philadelphia. His last command was the largest supertanker in the Atlantic Refining fleet - The SS Communicator.

Photo from Schoolship Annapolis in the 1930's.


  Photo - left
Paul Linton, while on leave in 1945, is pictured with family members, including his older brother Ray, on the right, shortly after Paul was promoted to Lt Cdr.

A newspaper article written about Paul as Captain of an Atlantic Refining Company tanker, the SS Heritage.

Quarterback Paul Linton
Philadelphia Record photo taken at a Roman Catholic High School game against St. Joseph's Prep in Nov. 1931, played at the old Philadelphia Phillies stadium, Shibe Park.  Paul's face and helmet is visible just to the left of the #32  defender.  Paul has handed off the ball to his cousin Ace McCann for a run around right end.

"In spite of several spectacular runs as shown above, Catholic High School met defeat at the hands of St. Joseph's yesterday in their annual gridiron battle at Shibe Park.  Fullback McCann was a dynamic figure in Catholic's charges down the field.  He scored the Purple and Gold touchdown, but St. Joseph's tallied twice and won 13-6."