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Navy Links

Website of the USS Calvert
by Christian Funck, grandson of shipmate Sterling Funck, who served on both the Calvert and the Lee.

The Harry Lee - A Biography of an Attack Transport Ship in WWII
by Dr. Steve Waszak, son-in-law of shipmate Jim Kirkwood.    (part of a "Military History" web page by Dr. Waszak)

Wikipedia Listing for the USS Harry Lee

WWII U.S. Veterans Website
Dedicated to the millions of men and women from the United States who made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of free people everywhere.

U.S Navy - categorical database of the United States Department of the Navy's public affairs library and naval web sites.

Iwo Jima - information about the invasion, the battle, the famous flag-raising, and more

USS Mason DDG 87 - Great website about the Mason.

US Naval Air Station Wildwood - Website of the USNASW Foundation, located at the Cape May County Airport, Cape May, New Jersey.