by Vincent L. Saldutti

USS Harry Lee Crew - January 5, 1946
Photo sent to us by Randy Tucker, son of shipmate Julius H. Tucker

Dedicated to all who served aboard the USS Harry Lee  

This website is dedicated to the officers and enlisted men 
who served aboard the USS Harry Lee, APA-10,
an Assault Tranport during the Second World War.

The USS Harry Lee participated in seven (7) initial invasions:

  • the first on July 10, 1943, in the landing at Scoglitti, Sicily.

She returned to the States with German prisoners, who were units of "The Desert Fox" Rommel's
famed "Afrika Korps", which boarded in Mers El Kabir, North Africa.  Soon after her arrival in the
States, the Lee was assigned to the Pacific theater, where she participated in six more invasions:

  • Tarawa, Gilbert Islands, 20 November 1943,
  • Kwajelein, Marshall Islands, 31 January 1944,
  • Aitape,New Guinea, 19 April 1944, Guam,
  • Marianas Islands, 21 July 1944,
  • Lingayen Gulf, Philippines, 7 January 1945, and
  • Iwo Jima, 19 February 1945.

After months of transferring and training, the Lee moved from islandto island in the months that followed.  Then on 20 July 1945, she got underway for San Francisco, CA, proceeding independently, arriving 8 August 1945 - a great day - V.J. Day!

On 29 September, the long-awaited destination: Tokyo, Japan.

I would like to express thanks to Patrick Smith of Saxton, PA, Eugene McAndrews, Walter Ward,
Colby Hinton, Don Tracy, Bob McCarty, Jim Vannest,
and to all others who have contributed to locating
and bringing together shipmates,and remembering those who have passed on.

Thank you, Pat, for that phone call I received from you that evening in 1992, initiating the reunionof those of us
who shared a great comradery onboard the USS Harry Lee. Your newsletters that we receive are a great
comfort for those of us who cannot physically get to meet each other in person.

Your friend and shipmate, Vince Saldutti, PhM/2C

A "Domain of Neptunus Rex" Certificate, issued to Ens. J. W. Norris in 1944, has been found in an outdoor area. If the family of Ensign Norris would like to have it back, contact us at info@jvswebdesign.com and we will put you in contact with the person who found it.
September 1, 2022

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Shipmate Richard Bettis. Richard's daughter Kelly notified us that Richard had passed on November 7, 2021, less than two months from his 96th birthday. Richard's roster page has been so noted. Our sincere condolences to Richard's family and friends.

March 6, 2022

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Shipmate Albert Gannotta on Friday, March 4, 2022 at age 103. Albert's nephew, Jeff sent us 2 photos and a copy of a citation which have been added to Albert's roster page. Our sincere condolences to Albert's family and friends.

September 19, 2021
We have been contacted by David Smith, son of Shipmate James A. Smith, who served as a Motor Machinist Mate 3rd Class on the Harry Lee in the Pacific. James' roster page has been added with photos that David has provided. More information will be added in the future. Thank you, Dave!

Rear Admiral Joseph G. Pomeroy, third from the left, had served aboard the U.S.S. Harry Lee
from March of 1943 until February of 1945.
The photo was provided by Admiral Pomeroy's great-grandson, Jordan.

Rear Admiral Pomeroy's granddaughter, Joanne Schifini, has contacted us with information about
his service record. He had served on the USS Hannibal from 1936 to 1939, and on the
USS Barnett, as Lieutenant Commander, from 1940 to 1943.
This photo is believed to be from his time on the USS Barnett.

Rear Admiral Pomeroy may have held the rank of Commander when he replaced Captain Loomis of the
USS Harry Lee on April 2, 1943. He was promoted to Captain on August 30, 1944 while on the Harry Lee.

If anyone recognizes any of the other officers, please let us know.
Thank you.


December 7, 2017

I am very sorry to report that my dad, Vincent L.Saldutti, passed away on Wednesday morning, December 6, 2017.

We had celebrated his 98th birthday the previous Saturday, and we had enjoyed a very happy Thanksgiving. He was in good spirits and really enjoyed being with his grandchildren and
great-grandchildren. But he had been battling congestive heart failure so his passing was
not a complete surprise.

Besides his family, one of his greatest joys was creating this website. He loved his days on the
Harry Lee, and he loved the shipmates that he served with. Many of his friends discovered the
site and contacted him by email. He cherished each and every one of those contacts.

If you were one of the shipmates or family members who contacted us over the past twenty
years, thank you so much! Your messages, the information you provided, and the photos you
sent, brought great joy to Vince.

Jim Saldutti




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