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There have been 11 Annual Reunions to date:

1. 1994 Norfolk, VA On June 1-3, 1994, the first reunion was enjoyed in Norfolk, Va. with thirty-four members of the Lee attending, with wives and friends totaling sixty-four. Also, there were several shipmates who were the original "plankowners" who were onboard the Lee since 1940.
2. 1995 Nashville, TN The second reunion was held in Nashville, Tenn., October 26-28, 1995 - another gala affair.
3. 1996 San Jose, CA The third reunion was held in beautiful San Jose, California July 3-6, 1996, hosted by Gene McAndrews and wife Charlene, who put a lot of effort into this reunion.
4. 1997 Boston, MA The fourth ship's reunion was held in Boston, MA July 23-26, 1997. Bob McCarthy, Tom O'Connor, Don Tracy, and Walter Ward, along with their wives and Walter's friend, Margaret, prepared an outstanding affair.
5. 1998 Kissimmee, FL The fifth Lee reunion was held November 11-14, 1998, in Kissimmee, Florida - a perfect fall reunion that was planned and hosted by Frank and Eleanor Burns.
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6. 1999 Charleston, SC The sixth reunion was held September 28 - October 1, 1999  in Charleston, SC and was hosted by Jim Vannest, Colie & Mildred Fox, and Juanita & Colby Hinton.
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7. 2000 San Diego, CA The seventh reunion was a great time, held October 11-15, 2000 in San Diego, CA, and hosted by Warren and Doris Mooers.
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8. 2001 Manassas, VA The eighth reunion was held October 3-7, 2001 in Manassas, VA, and was hosted by Colby, Nita and Rick Hinton.
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9. 2002 Branson, MO The ninth reunion was held October 2 - 6, 2002 in Branson, MO.
10. 2003 Philadelphia, PA The tenth reunion was held October 1 -4, 2003 in Philadelphia, PA, and was hosted by Bill Smyrl.
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11. 2004 Cape Cod, MA The eleventh reunion was held September 1-4, 2004 at Cape Cod, MA.